A New Year’s Wish from Darla

I have been blessed this year with the gifts of peace and contentment. Where have these feelings come from? Do they come naturally with age and maturity as I focus less on what others think of me and more on enjoying life? Do they come with being a grandmother as I watch my two grandchildren marvel at so many little everyday wonders in life? Maybe they come from the strong, supportive relationship I have with my family and the fact that my parents, even in their 80’s, are able to share in the active life of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren (all 68 of us). Maybe they have come with the transition of selling my home and downsizing into an apartment downtown where I have been able to give up the stresses of home ownership and enjoy all the wonderful things downtown living has to offer. Maybe it is some of all of these things. It really doesn’t matter. What I do know is that these feelings of peace and contentment are gifts from God and I thank him for these wonderful gifts!

My wish and my prayer for you is that you can feel peace and contentment in your life this holiday season and throughout the coming year!


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