Rachel Corbett, Millie of the Year – Congrats Rachel!


Dow Rummel Village is a member of the South Dakota Health Care Association (SDHCA) which gives out an award each month called the “Millie Award”. This award is named after a CNA in South Dakota whom the Executive Director of the SDHCA shadowed for a day.  He wanted to see what the day in the life of a CNA was like, as he does a great deal of lobbying in Pierre and talks about the work we do in nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the state.  He was in awe of how hard Millie and the other CNA’s worked and started this award in honor of the people in our industry in South Dakota.  Communities across the state nominate a staff from their nursing home or assisted living facility and each month the award is given out to one person.  In the fall a “Millie of the Year” is selected from the 12 “Millie of the Month” recipients. Of all the staff at the 110 nursing homes and 162 assisted living facilities that are SDHCA members, our Activities Manager, Rachel Corbett, was named MILLIE OF THE YEAR at the SDHCA Fall Convention this month.

Rachel is one of those caring people who brings out the best in others by being authentic, truly caring, and being able to understand those who have a gentle side, even though it may be somewhat hidden. Just a few of the things Rachel does for her residents are:  1) Knowing that a resident enjoys making jewelry, Rachel offers a jewelry class for all residents, with this particular resident instructing her peers on how to make jewelry;  2) After a resident lost his ability to speak, Rachel made sure his iPad was always charged and updated;  3) Rachel organizes baseball outings for residents, taking them to Canaries games;  4) She coordinates regular Skype sessions for a married couple whose son is living in a different country; and 5) Rachel positions bird feeders just right for residents that are bird enthusiasts.

CONGRATULATING Rachel on this well deserved honor!!


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